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Below you can find demos I've created for my time as a presenter on 'The Sound of Musicals', 'Thursday Hometime', and 'Music That Made Me'. If you would like to listen to full episodes you can check out the Leeds Student Radio mixcloud account, or my personal one which is linked below. I have also linked the Radio Essentials website where you can hear me presenting my Sunday show from 3-6pm.



II have recently started as a solo presenter on the newly-launched radio station Radio Essentials, on Sundays from 3-6pm. I'm having a lot of fun and it's been very exciting starting my career as a professional presenter. You can tune in live at


Being part of Leeds Student Radio was one of the most rewarding parts of my entire university experience. In my second year I presented and produced on weekly Breakfast and Hometime shows, which is where I originally fell in love with radio. In my third and fourth year I've continued to be present and produce Hometime, and was lucky enough to be nominated for a Student Radio Award for one of my shows under the category 'Best Entertainment Show'. In third year I was also voted in for the Head of Hometime committee position, which involved handpicking the 5 Hometime teams and overseeing their training and shows throughout both semesters. 

In my third year I also pursued starting up two of my own shows: 'Music That Made Me' and 'The Sound of Musicals'. I conceptualised, presented, produced, edited and marketed both shows myself. 'Music That Made Me' was an interview-based show I co-presented with my friend Grace, and 'The Sound of Musicals' was a music specialist show all about musical theatre tunes and trivia. 

As part of LSR I have also partaken as a presenter in some of their station-wide broadcasts: This has included 'Transmission', a live music festival showcasing musicians from the local music scene, 'Fed-Up Fest', a fundraising event that doubled as an online music festival, the 'Student Radio Association Chart Show', and most recently 'Girls Night In', an awareness-raising boycott event in response to the rise in spiking in night clubs that was broadcast live from the LSR studio. 

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